VirusTotal Browser Extension Now Firefox Quantum-Compatible

Saturday, May 05, 2018

Ionut Arghire


VirusTotal released an updated VTZilla browser extension this week to offer support for Firefox Quantum, the new and improved Web browser from Mozilla.

The browser extension was designed with a simple goal in mind: allow users to send files to scan by adding an option in the Download window and to submit URLs via an input box.

The VTZilla extension already proved highly popular among users, but version 1.0, which had not received an update since 2012, no longer worked with Mozilla’s browser after Firefox Quantum discontinued support for old extensions.

Starting toward the end of last year, Mozilla required all developers to update their browser extensions to WebExtensions APIs, a new standard in browser extensions, and VirusTotal is now complying with the requirement.

The newly released VTZilla version 2.0 builds on the success of the previous version and brings along increased ease-of-use, more customization options, and transparency.

Once the updated browser extension has been installed, the VirusTotal icon appears in the Firefox Quantum’s toolbar, allowing quick access to various configuration options.

Clicking on the icon enables users to customize how files and URLs are sent to VirusTotal, as well as to choose a level of contribution to the security community they want.

“Users can then navigate as usual. When the extension detects a download it will show a bubble where you can see the upload progress and the links to file or URL reports,” VirusTotal’s Camilo Benito explains.

“These reports will help users to determine if the file or URL in use is safe, allowing them to complement their risk assessment of the resource,” Benito continues.

Previously, only the pertinent URL tied to the file download was scanned, and access to the file report was available only via the URL report and only if VirusTotal servers had been able to download the pertinent file.

VTZilla also allows users to send any other URL or hash to VirusTotal and other features are only one right-click away.

VirusTotal is also determined to improve the extension and add functionality to it and is also open to feedback and suggestions. The Google-owned service can now make the extension compatible with other browsers that support the WebExtensions standard as well.

The extension revamp will soon be followed by VTZilla features that should allow users further help the security industry fight against malware. “Even non-techies will be able to contribute,” Benito says.

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